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Al Gore Net Worth

Al Gore biography:

It has been stated that Al Gore net worth has an estimate of 100-million dollars. He’s politician, representative, writer, presenter and statesman. Engagements and all these involvements provide millions of dollars to the overall amount of Al Gore net-worth. In the election for the President of the USA in 2000, he was the nominee in the Democratic Party to have the post.
Presently, Al Gore is called an activist concerned with environment and in addition an author. Al Gore is famous in the society for establishing lots of non profit organizations such as Alliance for Climate Protection. Al Gore is also known as an activist for climate-change , and it has received a Nobel Peace Prize because of his work in that area.

Al Gore Net Worth – 100 Million Dollars

Thus, his involvement into politics is a key source of Al Gore net worth.
Speaking more about his organizations, Al Gore is known as a CHIEF Executive of Alliance of Environment Protection. Additionally, in addition, he belongs to the “Apple, Inc.” Board of Directors. Recently, it’s been stated that Al Gore is likewise an advisor of “Google”. He is also involved into actions of a venture-capital company called “Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers” where he is serving as a head of the climate-change team.
In 2006 a documentary named the same as his guide, “An Inconvenient Truth”, was launched and it also featured Al Gore. In addition, Al Gore was named in the record of the “Person of the Year” created by the Times magazine in 2007. Thus, there are many different fields in which Al Gore is involved and which add millions of dollars to the entire number of Al Gore net worth.

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