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Ben Affleck Net Worth

Ben Affleck Net Worth

Ben Affleck net-worth is maintained to have estimation of 65-million dollars. He’s called among the largest stars within the film business. Ben Affleck isn’t just an actor, however he also works behind the scenes. He’s a movie director and producer, screen writer and tv producer. All these jobs include lots of earnings to the entire number of Ben Affleck net-worth. Born in 1972, Ben Affleck became known for the people when he began appearing in films made by Kevin Smith. Such movies contain “Mallrats”, “Chasing Amy” and “Dogma”.

Ben Affleck Net Worth – 65-million Dollars

Discussing his achievements and awards, Benn Affleck has received several of these. The screen play for that film was created regarding his colleague Matt Damon as well as the film was launched in 1997. “Good Will Hunting” also raised the complete level of Ben Affleck net-worth. Additionally, Ben Affleck is working fairly closely with Matt Damon as well as both have even established their business “LivePlanet” which produces pictures. Furthermore, Ben Affleck has portrayed lots of leading roles in several pictures which became worldwide successes. Along with his acting, Ben Affleck has acquired lots of favorable opinions and praise from film critics due to his ability in film producing. He’s produced various pictures including “The Town”, where he also had a leading character, and “Gone Baby Gone” that was produced along with his brother, Casey Affleck. Before his wedding, Ben Affleck dated few stars for example Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow. Ben Affleck is of Scottish, German and Irish sources. His mom is really a teacher and his dad has worked many different occupations, including being director and celebrity at Theater Company of Boston. He met Matt Damon who lived near him, when he was only a kid and both hit it off next. They are working together in film business as well as their productions added lots of earnings for their both net worth, including raising Ben Affleck net worth.

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