Tuesday, November 25, 2014
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Caroline Manzo Net Worth

Caroline Manzo Net Worth

It has been announced that net-worth has an estimate of 8 million dollars. Born in 1961, is well known due to her relatives. She is referred to as a spouse of Albert Manzo who owns “The Brownstone”. This is a business which provides catering and event services. The business is made in New Jersey. is well known because of her appearance to the television reality show called “The of New Jersey” which is a rather important source of Caroline Manzo net worth. While the remainder of the cast of the show, Caroline Manzo at the moment is living in NJ. Caroline Manzo has appeared in the TV show since its first-season and her character is well known as a result of her sayings including ‘thick as robbers’ or ‘you spend time with litter and you also start to smell like junk’.

Caroline Manzo Net Worth – 8 Million Dollars

In addition to being a star on TV and taking care of her household, Caroline Manzo has just launched her new line of purses and accessories called “Caroline Manzo, , Faith and Charity”.
In Addition, Caroline Manzo is known to be concerned with rather a great deal of charities such as “CROC”, “Best Friends Animal Society”, “” and many more. In NJ, where she’s living right now, Caroline Manzo is known also as a businesswoman. She creates accessories for kids and possesses a property company. Both of these involvements add too much to the entire amount of Caroline Manzo net-worth. Speaking more about the main generator of her net-worth, the show “The ” is broadcasted in the network. It is the fourth item of the exact same show. The first three are called “The Real Housewives of ”, “The ” and “”. What is more, the re-union season was voted the best out of all episodes of the franchise. Thus, the show is really one of the very most important resources of Caroline Manzo net-worth. Talking more about her family, Caroline Manzo is very near her sister Dina Manzo who also appeared in the television series and who is married to the brother of Caroline Manzo’s partner.