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Geddy Lee Net Worth

Geddy Lee Net Worth

Geddy Lee net worth has been estimated to reach 28 million dollars. A tremendous part of it comes from singing, record making, playing bass guitar and keyboard and composing songs. Geddy Lee was born in 1953 and is of Polish and Jewish ethnicities.

Geddy Lee Net Worth – 28 Million Dollars

Geddy Lee whose complete name is Gary Lee Weinrib is largely called a Canadian musician in the team “Rush” which can be really a rock music group. Within a lead singer along with the group Geddy Lee performed like keyboard player, a bass guitarist. Like a guitarist, Geddy Lee won several awards and nominations. Consequently, playing guitar raised Geddy Lee net-worth with a mile. Additionally, Geddy Lee did as a producer not just for their own group but also for several others including “Rocket Science”. The musician has also started his solo career with all the launch of his own first work in 2000 that was entitled “My Favorite Headache”. It was a high achievement for them since they became the very first rock group to obtain this kind of honorary recognition. Geddy Lee retains the place within the listing of the 100 Greatest Rock singers ever. Geddy Lee’s stage name was considered by his mom inadvertently, who had an accent pronouncing his actual name Gary which always sounded like she’d say ‘Geddy’. Also, his pals at school found about it and began to call him ‘Geddy’ constantly. In a single interview, Geddy Lee told the story that because his mom was of the Polish ancestry, she couldn’t pronounce his name right and everytime she attempted to mention it, friends noticed it like ‘Geddy’. Right after, even his mom started to call him ‘Geddy’ and hence, the musician switched his name from Gary to Geddy. Also, the recording artist is called from Jewish ancestry and in one of his own interviews he was requested to inform his two Jewish characteristics, which Geddy named as his sense of humour and his nose. Evidently the latter one aids in his own profession a great deal because he’s adored by his comic fashion and it increases the entire number of Geddy Lee net-worth.

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