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Howard Stern Net Worth

Howard Stern biography:

Howard Allan Stern is well known in The USA as a television personality, actor and author. Stern is a very controversial personality, loved by many and despised by some for his rude, uncensored language. However, his unique style has undoubtedly brought him way more money than he needed to pay in fines. Today Howard Stern net-worth is estimated to be around $500 million and his yearly salary, while not in its large, continues to be well above $80 million.

Howard Stern Net Worth – 80 Million dollars!

Stern has wished for the job in radio since he was five, as he claimed himself. His professional career truly began when he was 21-year old, with a debut on WNTN in the middle of 70s. It took 10 years for Stern to make his strategy to success, become one of the very most popular radio personalities and begin his own show at WXRK in New York City. Stern stayed here for twenty years, before leaving to work with Sirius, a radio not regulated by the Federal Communications Commission, in 2005. At the pinnacle of his popularity, Howards show

was listened to by nearly 20-million people across both United Sates of Canada and America. Though it’s hard to say what was Howard stern net worth by the time he left WXRK, according to Forbes, around that point in time, through the season 2005 2006 his annual revenues amounted to $302 million.

Because of his ventures outside the air Stern describes himself as “A King of All Media”. The very first book, called Private Parts, was released in 1993 and sold in 225 thousand copies. It was afterwards converted to the comedy movie, with Stern and his radio colleagues staring themselves. At the opening weekend the film earned over $14 million and appeared in the very top of box-office. Private Elements earned a gross of $41.2 million by selling movie tickets alone and brought a sound contribution to the present Howard Stern net-worth.

He’s still the best paid radio personality in the US and extremely wealthy men, although according to Forbes annual earnings of Stern has dropped substantially after he turned to Sirius. Howard Stern net-worth is equally as interesting as Michael Jordan’s or Tiger Woods’.

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