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Jaden Smith Net Worth

Jaden Smith Net Worth

Jaden Smith, complete name Jaden Christopher Syre Smith, is a teen rapper, dancer and performer. The boy rose to prominence in 2006, after appearing in the picture The Quest for Happiness. Following this advent he landed leading roles in the remakes of Karate Kid and The Day the Earth Stood Still. Jaden Smith net worth is now estimated at $8 million.

Jaden was born in a household of two stars: His dad is a famed American rapper, producer and celebrity, who attained international acclaim in 1990, after appearing in extremely popular TV series The Fresh Prince of BellAir.

Jaden Smith Net-Worth – 8 Million dollars

In 2007 only he made $80 million and was named as the most powerful Hollywood celebrity by Newsweek. His dad’s fortunes surpass Jaden Smith net worth by more than $200 million dollars. Jaden’s mom, Jada Pinkett Smith, isn’t any less renowned vocalist, performer and businesswoman. She rose to prominence in early 90s, after appearing in television situation comedy True Colors. Since the start of her career Jada filmed in over 20 films, including The Matrix Reloaded, The Nutty Professor and Menace II Society. With such a rich filmography, no wonder Jada is significantly wealthier than her adolescent son: her fortune is almost three times as large as Jaden Smith net worth.

In 2007 his character within the picture The Pursuit of Happiness garnered him MTV Movie Award for Breakthrough Performance. Jaden landed his next character two years after, in a movie The Day the Earth Stood Still. His ability in this film didn’t go unrecognized also- the son received a Saturn Award for best Performance by a Young Actor.

Since then he appeared as himself in a picture Justin Bieber: Never Say Never and had a part in Amulet. As for 2013, little Smith is filming in a picture After Earth. In 2012 the boy ventured into music business and released his debut record, entitled The Cool Cafe.

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