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Jennifer Lopez Net Worth

Jennifer Lopez Net Worth

Jennifer Lopez is undoubtedly one among the stars in planet. No doubts about this. She’s well-known designer, American celebrity and dancer. She also made few tv programmes. I guess the majority of you saw her in actions at some time: acting, singing, performing in shows, dance etc. It’s very safe to say that Jennifer Lopez 1 of the highest-paid stars in Hollywood. She readily makes over 10 million dollars per film and is now on the very top of her acclaim. Her career began at early 1986 in nearby film “My Little girl”. She understood that she wanted to pursue for the remainder of her life following this film was done.

Jennifer Lopez Net Worth – 250 Million Dollars

Jennifer Lopez was 16 when she began her career. She was seen by agents and got few acting careers instantly. However her actual job began once she was chosen to play primary character in film “Selena”. That year was amazing for Jennifer, she got chief roles in films: “Anaconda”, “Blood and Wine” and “U Turn”. Nearly a decade past, in 2003 Jennifer Lopez stared her very own clothes line, and shortly become well-known I the universe of designers. Now Jennifer Lopez is still in fashion company big-time. Her musical career began with an album called “On The 6”. In 1997 she married Ojani Noa, nevertheless this union didn’t survive long as well as the couple separated a year after. Again, union wasn’t overly long, and couple separated after couple of years. General Jennifer Lopez is quotation active in many various sectors. For this reason she on the list of stars, having more than 250 million dollars net worth.

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