Tuesday, November 25, 2014
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John Travolta Net Worth

John Travolta Net Worth

net-worth is believed to be around 160 million dollars. Everybody understand that John is quite a gifted dancer, singer and a famous American celebrity. Some sources even say that for the past couple of years John net-worth increased until 200 million dollars. Where he had lots of chances to reveal his abilities and ability to entertain various audiences John grew up in Nj. He began his performing career for an associate of the Broadway cast called “” and after he started touring with the cast in the film “Grease”. Moreover, to be able to pursue his acting career in film John moved to reside to LA.

But, the primary roles he got where in tv. In exactly the same year, was picked to play in his own first big film with his character being among the leadings. The picture was of the horror style and was called “”.

John Travolta Net-Worth – 200 Million Dollars

He became much more identified and assessed when he performed within the television program called “”. In 80’s, John Travolta regrettably needed to fight much in order to really be recognized and valued as an actor, but in 1994 he regained his standing back with his part in Quentin Tarantino’s movie called “”.

Along with “”, the performer also appeared in “″, “”, “”. In addition to “Grease”, he acted in a different musical called “Hairspray” which acquired lots of compliments and recognition not just in America but everywhere on the planet. The pictures resulted in the rise of John Travolta net-worth making him among the greatest paid actors ever. Referring to his family life, he’s married to Kelly Preston as well as the couple had two kids together. Unfortunately, his son Jett died last year due to the seizure.