Tuesday, November 25, 2014
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Kelly Rowland Net Worth

Kelly Rowland Net Worth

net-worth is said to reach 18 million dollars, which is rather a fair amount of money in the event you take into consideration the fact that she’s involved with many different activities, which bring her tremendous revenues. Rowland who was born in Atlanta, GA, gets her earnings from acting, singing, modeling and dancing. In the start of her profession, she became known to the people as truly one of the members in the girl band called “Destiny’s Child” which place the foundation for Rowland net-worth. However, in 2005 the team members decided to go their particular ways.

Net-Worth – 18 Million Dollars

Regardless, it didn’t stop Kelly Rowland from continuing singing and she determined to become a solo artist. Her third solo album was released in 2011, which shows that she’s doing a really good job singing alone. Moreover, she’s known as a singer of dance music and the track “” that has been recorded together with one of the most popular & most respected DJs in the whole world David Guetta attained top positions in the charts all all over the world. However the majority of Kelly Rowland net-worth arises from her profession in music and video despite the undeniable fact that she is also involved into modeling and dancing.

But, for the people she is mostly referred to as a singer. Speaking more about her occupation for a singer in the 90s, “Destiny’s Child” was believed to be the most successful and best selling girl band of the time. Kelly Clarkson started singing when she noticed a performance of one of her idols .

After hearing her singing, decided that she need to be a singer and as her be as famous and talented. Furthermore, she became friends with among the very famous singers Knowles and after meeting her, she was entirely inspired to become a vocalist. Therefore, it appears the acquaintances with these two singers led to her successful decision to sing and it led to Kelly Rowland net worth to become among the highest amongst all female singers.