Tuesday, November 25, 2014
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Kid Rock Net Worth

Kid Rock Net Worth

is actually a musician, , , , artist and , which all improve the total amount of Kid Rock net worth. Currently, his net worth is maintained to achieve 37 million dollars. Kid Rock whose actual name is Robert Ritchie was nominated to obtain five Grammy Awards.
In the beginning of his own career, Kid Rock’s musical tapes did not receive lots of interest. The breakthrough for him was in 1998 when Kid Rock launched his report called “Devil Without a Cause”. It was released under the . Nevertheless, Kid Rock himself liked his previous mix tapes, consequently in 2000 Kid Rock released the record called “The ” which contained songs from his early-career in music industry. This time, it gained more success along with the sales of it improved Kid Rock net-worth. Furthermore, the record included other singles that were not created before including “Abortion” and “American Bad Ass”.

Kid Rock Net-Worth – 37 Million Dollars

In 2001, another record of him was released called “Cocky”. The tune is of country music genre and it skyrocketed the revenue of the record at which single was contained. What is even more interesting is the record did not get lots of success in the beginning of its release, however after it became so well sold that 5 million copies of it were sold and it increased the total level of Kid Rock net worth with a mile. However, another album called “” failed to get such huge success. The album contained live hits and virtually the crowd did not even notice it. One year later, Kid Rock regarded get back to the position with more strength , which time he received more attention from the public. His solitary “” obtained worldwide success and it was contained in his own album called “Rock and Roll Jesus”. The single “” landed in the 1st place in eight countries in Europe as well as in Australia. The income of it improved Kid Rock net-worth by a mile. Referring to the record “Rock and Roll Jesus”, it was a very successful come-back. Another album which also got platinum title was called “Rock and Roll Jesus”.