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Lamar Odom Net Worth

Lamar Odom Net Worth

Among the most famous NBA stars Lamar Odom net-worth is said to have estimation of 60 million dollars. Furthermore, as his annual wages which raises the overall number of Lamar Odom net-worth the basketball player is documented for over 8 million dollars. While playing professionally in the NBA for the group called Los Angeles Lakers where he performs like a forward a tremendous section of his own net worth is collected.

Lamar Odom Net Worth – 60 Million Dollars

Produced in 1979 in NYC, Lamar Odom endured a great deal throughout his youth. Once the boy was just twelve years of age his mom passed away due to cancer. Moreover, his dad was addicted to heroine. Hence, the star’s youth wasn’t among those whose parents encourage them all to take some activities to be able to reveal their abilities and abilities. Nonetheless, the basketball player has executed a lot if looking at Lamar Odom net-worth. He was raised by his grandma and throughout his high-school years Lamar Odom began to become interested into basketball and started to play it. Playing within the group added first amounts of cash to the entire number of Lamar Odom net-worth. His first-season within the group was so notable he was called for the 2000 NBA AllRookie First Group. Since 2004 Lamar Odom is playing for the L. A. Lakers team. While being part of the United States National basketball team in addition, he competed in the 2004 Summer Olympics. During Olympic Games, a bronze medal was won by US National basketball team. Referring to his private life, he has kids with his exgirlfriend and now is married to among the popular Kardashian sisters, Khloe Kardashian. Furthermore, he seems on television reality shows about the Kardashian family.

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