Tuesday, November 25, 2014
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Nicole Richie Net Worth

Nicole Richie Net Worth

It’s been said that Nicole Richie net-worth reaches an approximation of 5 . Nicole Richie is called one of the very notable stars within the . She’s called merely a celeb, reality show star, author and an enjoying the light on her. Throughout all her profession, Nicole Richie has amassed a tremendous net-worth through her appearances on television displays. Nicole Richie was a pupil in a high-school set up in Sherman Oaks, .

Nicole Richie Net Worth – 5 Million Dollars

Additionally, Nicole Richie is famous for her relationship with a different star, Paris Hilton. As well as her, Nicole Richie appeared in the television show called “” which raised Nicole Richie net-worth a great deal. The show contained five seasons. Nevertheless, in the final episodes of the period that was launched in 2007, it was noted the girls recover their friendship and reconciled. Furthermore, Nicole Richie is called an author. Among her publications entitled “The ” was called from the star for a semiautobiography at which star wrote about her life in Hollywood and expertise within the entertainment business. Her job for a writer also raises the complete quantity of Nicole Richie net-worth. Nicole Richie is also called an actress who appeared in lots of TV-shows including “” and “Six Feet Under”. Nicole Richie is honored as a businesswoman, though there are a few notoriety about the star for example her eating problems or legal battles. Referring to her private life, Nicole Richie lives as well as her friend who is actually a musician in the group “” in La. The couple got two children together who dwell together. Also, Nicole Richie as well as Joel Madden have their particular business “The Richie Madden Children’s Foundation” that they started this year.