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Paul Allen Net Worth

How rich is Paul Allen?

Paul Allen Net Worth:
$17.1 Billion

Birth date: January 21, 1953
Birth place: Seattle, Washington, United States
Height:5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
Weight:171 lbs (77.55 kg)
Profession: Programmer, Entrepreneur, Businessperson, Investor, Film Producer, Television producer, Inventor, Philanthropist
Education: Lakeside School, Washington State University
Nationality: United States of America
Parents: Faye G. Allen, Kenneth S. Allen
Siblings: Jody Patton
Sources: Wikipedia Freebase

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Paul Allen biography:

It’s been known that among the richest entrepreneurs and business-people within the world Paul Allen net-worth reaches 13.2 billion dollars. Programming is included by his sources of his incomes, being involved with investing, business and philanthropy. Among his most celebrated creations may be the growth of Microsoft which he founded jointly with Bill Gates. Microsoft is really one of the very significant sources of Paul Allen net-worth which provides billions of dollars for the business man.
In the year 2012, Paul Allen’s title was included within the record of the richest individuals within the planet, where he got the 48th place. Additionally, Paul Allen is called a creator of Vulcan, Inc. business where he’s also a chairperson. It’s also among the most significant sources of Paul Allen net-worth.

Paul Allen Net Worth – 14 Million Dollars

Referring to his investments, Paul Allen is called among the wealthiest traders. His investment portfolio comprises technology businesses, actual estates and media. Additionally, he is called being a part of two sports group which he own.
In 1975, Paul Allen made an initial edition of Microsoft and teamed up with Bill Gates. Additionally, he got involved into promotion of the programming language interpreter called Fundamental. Furthermore, Paul Allen is credited against the development of the name “Microsoft” that will be known and used by billions of individuals all all over the world. Later, Bill Gates and Paul Allen signed a deal with IBM which led Bill Gates and Paul Allen to become the individuals on the planet.
Among the most private things about Paul Allen is the fact that in 1982 he was identified with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. But he was effectively handled. Additionally, it is rumored that due to the disorder, Paul Allen began to restrict himself in the engagement with Microsoft. In 2000, he formally declared he was leaving the firm.

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