Friday, October 3, 2014
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Phil Ivey Net Worth

Phil Ivey Net Worth

net-worth can be believed to be around 100-million dollars. He’s known to the people while the professional and quite a successful poker player. He’s gained his net-worth by means of a number of successful poker tournaments essentially. During the time he has played, Phil has won several awards. He’s won 8 times to World Series Poker Bracelets tournament and he’s also a success of the World Poker Tour title. He used to play poker with his coworkers and these were truly impressed by his skills to play respectable game of poker.

Nevertheless, no one could have recognized at that time because it’s today that net-worth could be quite so high. Till today, has gained from tournaments only around 13.8 million dollars. Last Year, won against over 147 players and got his 6th bracelet in the NoLimit Draw Lowball Event.

Phil Ivey Net-Worth – 100 Million Dollars

He won his last eight bracelet in in the 3000 Bucks H.O.R.S.E function, that also added some earnings to Phil Ivey net-worth. However, not necessarily his games were so effective. Phil Avey lost World championship Poker Tournaments several-times but it absolutely was not for long and after he began winning again. Afterwards, Phil Ivey went to perform to Europe and he won the 7th spot in European Poker Masters and got a test of 12.5 thousand dollars.

Furthermore, he had some tv appearances for example “” where he won 120 thousand dollars in the Winners Take-all “” championship. But he got conquered by Don Cheadle in the “”. Therefore, it is apparent he is an extremely gifted and skillful poker player and he’s got a rich and brilliant future ahead of him.