Thursday, November 13, 2014
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Rick Harrison Net Worth

Rick Harrison Net Worth

Rick net-worth is declared to have estimate of 7 million dollars which comes from his participation into numerous businesses. Consequently, all across the globe he’s called an American businessperson. Rick has amassed his net-worth being part of his own well-known family which possesses Gold and Silver store that’s established in . In addition, the store is featured within the series called “” that also provides cash to the entire number of Rick Harrison net-worth.

Rick Harrison Net Worth – 7 Million Dollars

When he was thirteen years of age, his father employed him to assist him in their own pawn shop Silver and gold. Through the television show “Pawn Stars” Rick Harrison appears below the title of The Spotter. Furthermore, he’s mentioned throughout the show he quit because he was selling fake bags attending high-school and made around two-thousand dollars weekly from selling these bags which every vendor considered to be an initial edition. Speaking more about the present “Pawn Stars”, it remains within the initial place of the most viewed to the Channel. Furthermore, it’s been declared the show is renewed with 80 more episodes that isn’t common for practically any television show. Hence, the are 1 of the chief sources of Rick Harrison net-worth. Produced in 1965, the businessman whose complete name is Richard Kevin Harrison additionally resided for a while in throughout his youth years because his dad was relocated to reside there because to be in the U.S. Navy. In 1981, the family moved to call home to Vegas, NV. They were made to go there since his parents company of realty collapsed.